Children’s Activities

CHILDREN  Activities on
Morning Sun Nature Reserve

Mashovhela Bush Lodge and Lokovhela Mountain Cottages is ideal for young, old and everyone in between and is located on our Morning Sun Nature Reserve.

The Lodges are child friendly accepting children of any age and have additional activities suitable for them that will keep them busy and happy.

For the very young, baby cots are available on request and we do offer a baby-sitting service.

Activities for children depend on the age, their interests and their length of stay at the lodge and must be arranged in advance, to secure availability of staff members and materials used.

Our Eco Lodges offer the following facilities for your little ones:

  • Jungle gym: we have a few children gyms to play on in our Lodge garden
  • Swimming pool: Our pool is fenced off, but can be used by children under the Adults supervision and care.
  • TV, DVD’s or videos:  The children can watch Kids DVD’s together in our communal TV room. ( This is Free subject to availability)
  • Bongi’s Quest” They are also taught about Rhino poaching and what impact this will have on this specie – they will be given a children’s book that will educate them even more on their level of understanding. The book is called “Bongi’s Quest” which can be purchased at R30 in the curio shop
  • Colour in booklet: R45 per colouring-in booklet including pencils available in the curio shop

Half day Children Care (2 Hours)

 R200 per child  Excludes: Beverages / Gratuities
(Pre –book 24 hours in advance)

Our staff at the lodge can offer one of the following activities while the parents have a few hours relaxing to themselves. (Subject to availability)

  • Venda bead Art: The Venda staff at the lodge will teach the children to make their own necklaces and/or bracelets using the beads that are used by the local Venda people.
  • Venda Drumming: The Venda staff at the lodge will teach the children all about the different drums that they use and for what occasion it is used. The will also be able to drum themselves.
  • Story-telling: Children are kept fascinated by stories of the Venda people of past happenings and their culture, which is filled with myths, water spirits, white crocodiles and many other mythical creatures.
  • Eco-Living: Children are educated in eco-living and will hear an explanation on how the solar system, hot water system works and they will also learn more about waste recycling

Nature Reserve Activities:

  • Educational but fun walks with our guide to discover the world of insects, spiders and other bugs, plants and their uses to the Venda people, animal tracks and a lot more. They will search and identify for different footprints found along the trails.
  • Children will also enjoy the guided walks and scenic drives on offer with their parents at discounted Rates.
  • Treasure hunts: These vary in the degree of difficulty, easy for the youngsters and trickier for the older kids. Rate can be arranged with the adults, depending onthe treasure gift. (Pre –book 24 hours in advance to make special arrangements)

Please note that due to high demand all bookings must be made at least one week in advance. Bookings are subject to availability.

TO BOOK: Contact our reservations on: 079 602 5482 or 087 233 5027 or


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