Venda Culture Tours

Venda culture and traditions are still proudly preserved and practised by the Venda people. The Soutpansberg Mountains in the Limpopo Province have been the traditional home of the Venda since the 19th century.

Venda culture is steeped in the spirit world and finds expression in their woodcarvings, pottery and the decoration of their buildings. Traditional beliefs are that all lakes and rivers are sacred and the many legends told by Venda forefathers are retold from generation to generation.

Ancestor worship, drums, dancing, livestock, agriculture and crafts are very important to the Venda people.

Visit Mashovhela Bush Lodge in the Morning Sun Nature Reserve for a truly unique Venda Cultural Experience.


All tours must be booked 24 hours in advance at the Lodge reception
A minimum of 2 Adults rate is required to enable the tours to be booked
All entrance fees, tour fees as well as picnic lunch is included in the Full Day Tours
Children under 12 years get 50% discount with a minimum of 2 Adults rate
Optional STEP ON GUIDE: Using our guide with your own vehicle – FROM R400.00 for HALF day (4 hours) to R800.00 for FULL day (8 hours) per tour

2 Adults 4 – 10 adults (in Mashovhela Safari Vehicle)
Local Kavambe Cultural Village Tour (2 hours) R390.00 pp R260.00 pp

Local Kavambe Cultural Village Tour

Experience day to day life in an authentic Venda village.

The tour includes:
Visiting a Venda family at their home
Learning about making local African beer
Traditional jewellery making
Building materials used for houses
Venda clothing
Venda drawings

The Venda village gets 30% commission of each per person rate.

Tell: 012 991 6930 / Cell: 079 427 6333

2 Adults 4 – 10 adults (in Mashovhela Safari Vehicle)
Venda Land Cultural Tour (Full day – 8 hours) R2400.00 pp (Picnic Lunch incl.) R1040.00 pp (Picnic Lunch incl.)

Venda Land Cultural Tour (FULL day includes picnic lunch)

Visiting Venda Land is a truly captivating experience which includes a number of attractions in the area and is guided by a professional Venda guide.

The tour includes:
The Dzata Ruins and Museum – experience this proud and colourful tribe’s history and legends through the artefacts on display.
Venda villages – get insight into Venda people culture and way of life.
Lake Fundudzi fed by the Motale River. The most sacred site to the Venda – home to the mythical python and white crocodile.
Thathe Vondo forest – ‘Holy Forest’ with ancient trees and mountain ferns.
Tshatshingo Potholes – view beautiful waterfalls and streams and watch the Motale River disappear into a pothole before reappearing some distance away.
Enjoy the scenic beauty of Venda land and the Soutpansberg Mountains.

Tell: 012 991 6930 / Cell: 079 427 6333

2 Adults 4 – 10 adults (in Mashovhela Safari Vehicle)
Venda Arts and Crafts Tour (Full day – 8 hours) R2025.00 pp (Picnic Lunch incl.) R880.00 pp (Picnic Lunch incl.)
Venda Arts and Crafts Tour (Half day – 4 hours) R1010.00 pp (Excl. lunch) R440.00 pp (Excl. lunch)

Venda Arts and Crafts Tour

Venda people are highly creative, some craftsmen being well known worldwide.

The tour includes:
The Cultural Heritage Resource Centre, the Dancing Fish gallery at Madi a Thavha for an introduction to different cultural arts and crafts.
The Elim Area – where women make stunning batiks with traditional patterns, bead work and embroidery.
Mashamba Potters – a huge workshop of 50 women making traditional Venda and contemporary pots which are all fired in natural clay ovens.
Wood carver, Thomas Kubayi – he carves traditional and contemporary wood sculptures, makes traditional musical instruments like drums and teaches young people wood carving skills.

Tell: 012 991 6930 / Cell: 079 427 6333