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Birding at Morning Sun Nature Reserve with Samson Mulaudzi

Morning Sun Nature Reserve has received the Birder Friendly accreditation in 2009

Birdlife South Africa’s mission is to promote the enjoyment, conservation and understanding and study of wild birds and their habitat. Birder Friendly Enterprises have committed themselves to responsible tourism practices and aim to please their bird watching enthusiasts.

The Soutpansberg has an amazingly high diversity of birds. 56% of the birds of Southern Africa and 75% of the relevant South African avifauna occur in the greater Soutpansberg area.

Join our specialised Birding Guide on a Walking Trail to spot the wide variety of Bird Species in the area. Around 360 different bird species can be found in the Morning Sun Nature Reserve area.

Not all the birds are resident in this area; some are migratory birds which are seasonally residents in this area, you will also find those tricky vagrants that are sometimes spotted as they pass through the area en-route to somewhere else but use this area as part of their route.

We have a group of Crested Guinea fowls visiting our Lodge garden in the early mornings and a Verreaux “Black” Eagles nest on the Reserve with a breeding pair and also offer a guided walking trail to this nest

Birding routes on the Morning Sun Nature Reserve

Shorter route: Birders will be accompanied by the birding guide on the route to the Mashovhela Rock Pool on the Morning Sun Nature Reserve. During the walk the guide will focus on the different bird species that they come across on their way to the Pool.  Along the river it is very likely that they might come across the Mountain Wagtail.

Morning Sun’s resident Verreaux’s Eagle, Gorgeous Bushrike, Green Twinspot, African Wood Owl, Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher and many more bird species can be spotted in this area.

Another longer and very popular route to follow is the route to the big waterfall on the Morning Sun Nature Reserve. This route is scenically very beautiful and is also very popular amongst hikers.

During summer water birds can be spotted near the dam at Harham Lodge. This area is the best roosting site for Barn Swallows.

About Samson Mulaudzi

Samson Mulaudzi is an experienced, freelance birding guide in the Soutpansberg and Venda region. Samson was trained as a BirdLife South Africa guide in 2005 and won an Owl Award in 2012 for his contribution to avian conservation and education. Samson has attended various training courses including finishing the Bird Guides Practical Workshops and Raptor ID courses.

Samson has also played a role in establishing the annual Limpopo Forest Birding festival…now on its 7th year. He has also assisted in the establishment of various birding hotspots which includes Morning Sun Nature Reserve. Over the past few years he also worked with a partner to establish a project named ‘’The Mottled Spinetail’’ conservation and education project in Sagole organised by Birdlife South Africa that focuses in getting the youth of the area to appreciate birding and the to conserve the environment. Samson runs the Birds in Trees Project in the Soutpansberg and conducts research projects for the Greater Limpopo Birding routes.


All routes start at Mashovhela Bush Lodge in the Morning Sun Nature Reserve.

  • Route 1 (2 hours): A walk to the sacred Mashovhela Rock Pool and back to the lodge.
  • Route 2 (3 – 4 hours): This is a circular route that goes to the black eagles nest and then to the viewpoint, to the Baobab tree, down to the main road and back to the lodge.
  • Route 3: (4 – 5 hours): A scenically beautiful walk to the big waterfall passing the Mashovhela Rock Pool and back to the lodge.
  • Route 4: (5 – 6 hours): A drive from Morning Sun Nature Reserve to Harnham Guest House with a walk around the dam, then a drive to Hangklip Forest with a walk around the area and then a drive back to Morning Sun Nature Reserve. Guests have the option to self-drive or make use of our vehicle and guide: costs for 60 km – R350.00


With specialised birding guide 2 hours 3 – 4 hours 5 – 6 hours
(excluding travelling costs)
1 – 2 pax R1200.00 R1300.00 R1450.00
3 – 4 pax R1300.00 R1450.00 R1650.00
5 – 8 pax R1450.00 R1650.00 R1750.00
9 and more pax R1650.00 R1750.00 R1850.00

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