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Soutpansberg Frogs And Reptiles

The Soutpansberg is one of the most biodiverse areas of South Africa. Although it covers barely half a percent of the country’s surface area, it’s home to almost two thirds of South Africa’s birds, 40 percent of our mammals and 30 percent of our reptile species. In fact, there are some species of plants and wildlife in the Soutpansberg region that are found nowhere else on the entire planet! The Soutpansberg worm lizard, Soutpansberg rock lizard, Soutpansberg dwarf gecko […]


Oh My Bird! Find Hundreds of Indigenous Birds Of South Africa In The Soutpansberg

The Limpopo Province is undoubtedly one of the most varied and exciting birding destinations in South Africa. The region boasts many diverse habitats, from wetlands and lush forests to grasslands and bushveld. This makes it the perfect home for well over 500 species of indigenous birds of South Africa. Moreover, many of these areas are largely unexplored, meaning fascinating new birding discoveries are always a possibility.
The Limpopo River Valley and the Soutpansberg Mountains are dream destinations for birding enthusiasts. Whether […]