Nature Conservation

The Role Of Nature Reserves In Water Conservation

Water conservation has been a hot topic recently, especially in the wake of the debilitating drought experienced in the Cape. However, a recent article on News24 discussed some of the good that has come from this humbling experience. The piece says of water conservation, “Realising that leaders, global, national and local, can do only so much, communities have started working co-operatively and innovatively together.” Indeed, that is a silver lining.
With so many people and organisations pulling together we – […]


What Is A Biosphere Reserve?

There are 669 biosphere reserves located in 120 countries around the world. In fact, some of these reserves span more than one country. Collectively, they form a world network that facilitates within exchanges of information, experiences, and personnel. But what exactly is a biosphere reserve?
Think of a biosphere reserve as a kind of living laboratory, carrying out programmes to integrate the management of land, water, and biodiversity. They provide a “nursery” for the birth and growth of programmes allowing […]


Nature Conservation – At The Heart Of All We Do

As South Africans, we’re fortunate enough to live in one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. We have an abundance of fauna and flora species, many of which can be found nowhere else on Earth. It’s easy, however, to take this incredible diversity for granted, and we don’t often take the time to really appreciate the splendour of the natural wonders we have on our doorstep.
Left to her own devices, Nature does an incredible job of […]