Travel To South Africa

Time for a holiday you say?  Why not travel to the beautiful and culturally diverse South Africa.  In fact the scenic Limpopo province is a must see, where you will find a unique holiday destination set in the heart of the Soutpansberg Mountain area.  Here you will be able to truly reconnect with nature and its beauty and exceptional faunal and floral biodiversity, experience excellent hospitality and observe and learn as traditions are still preserved and practised.  Morning Sun […]


Fair trade in tourism

Save the World One Holiday at a Time
Fair trade in tourism (FTT) is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to only make a positive impact on that location’s environment, society and economy. That largely means supporting locally managed businesses and participating in activities that do not harm the environment or exploit local culture. Fair trade in tourism also ensures good wages and working conditions for staff. A fair share of the tourism money goes […]