Travel To South Africa

Travel To South Africa

Time for a holiday you say?  Why not travel to the beautiful and culturally diverse South Africa.  In fact the scenic Limpopo province is a must see, where you will find a unique holiday destination set in the heart of the Soutpansberg Mountain area.  Here you will be able to truly reconnect with nature and its beauty and exceptional faunal and floral biodiversity, experience excellent hospitality and observe and learn as traditions are still preserved and practised.  Morning Sun Nature Reserve offers a truly invigorating and uplifting holiday while finding solitude and peace in the beauty of the bush.

Morning Sun Nature Reserve and activities offered.

Morning Sun Nature Reserve can be found in Northern Limpopo province in the heart of the Soutpansberg Mountains.  This natural heritage site and multiple award-winning ecotourism gem is actually a central destination if you are travelling to places like the Kruger National park, Mapungubwe National Park, Botswana and Zimbabwe.  This friendly family holiday offers all types of tourists so many different activities to choose from.  Activities such as guided and unguided trails, bird and butterfly spotting, guided scenic drives, the Venda village tours, viewing the close on 400 tree species, a self – drive exploring the mountains and even driving to The Baobab Forest where you can see the Giant Baobab tree.  So, you see there really is something for everyone.

The Venda Culture Tours

The Soutpansberg Mountains are home to the Venda people and this cultural group is fully involved in all tourist based activities.  One of the many unique activities offered by Morning Sun Nature Reserve is their many cultural Venda tours.  No matter which option you choose, the idea behind each tour is to experience a day in the life of a traditional Venda village.  What an amazing cultural experience this can be for all of us.  These tours range in what they offer, but you can experience things like visiting a real Venda family at their home, learn about jewellery making or African beer brewing, learn about Venda drawings, Venda clothing, learn about wood sculptures and traditional musical instruments made by a traditional wood carver.  You will also get to visit many archaeological sites and ruins as well as a Museum.  These tours also offer the option of visiting sacred sites, such as the Motale River, Morning Sun Nature Reserve’s own Sacred Mashovhela Rock Pool, Lake Fundudzi and the Vondo Forest, beautiful waterfalls and a place called Tshatshingo Potholes, where a river disappears into a pothole and then reappears again further down. So no matter which of the Venda tours you decide on, you won’t be disappointed. What a unique cultural experience this is whether you are a local or an international tourist and the best part is that the Venda village gets a portion of the per person rate paid.

Mashovhela Safari Tents for accommodation

So, Morning Sun Nature Reserve ticks all the boxes in having a wide variety of activities and one of a kind cultural experience. Now let’s talk about accommodation.  There are actually many different options depending on what you need.  There is the Mashovela Bush Lodge, self – catering Lokovhela, Mountain Cottages, the Morning Sun Bush Camps and the Mashovela Safari Tents.  These Mashovela Safari Tents basically are actually hidden in the bush, allowing one the opportunity to reconnect with nature, however, they are still in walking distance from the Bush Lodge.  These Safari Tents basically are ideal for family or romantic weekend getaways and give you a hassle – free camping experience.


Morning Sun Nature Reserve also has a stunning restaurant, the Drumbeat Restaurant Venue.  Here you can enjoy an a la carte menu at the restaurant both inside or outside at the Boma Venue.  Even bush meals can be arranged at either the waterfall or Baobab tree, which must be absolutely romantic for those couples away on holiday and just stunning to experience in the best beauty of the bush.

Packages offered for an all in one experience.

Planning a holiday can be tricky, especially if you are from another country.  So why not consider working with a company that has packages for you to choose from.  Both Kololo and Umlani are partnered with Morning Sun Nature Reserve and offer family friendly packages of the Big 5 and cultural experience.  Even though they may vary in what they offer, at least you know your holiday is all planned for and you are not missing out on any activities or experiences.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your holiday now to Morning Sun Nature Reserve in Limpopo Province, South Africa.  Come and enjoy the most exquisite beauty of the bush, reconnect with nature, experience and learn about the Venda culture and how Morning Sun Nature Reserve protects its environmental and its rare and endangered fauna and flora, while enjoying excellent hospitality during your stay at Morning Sun Nature Reserve.

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